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Best tips on how to apply false lashes

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Best tips on how to apply false lashes



What you need before you start

If you feel like your natural lashes aren’t enough, even with the help of mascara,  false lashes are the perfect solution for you and here you will find the best tips on how to apply false lashes.

Applying the lashes may seem tricky at first, but practice makes perfect, and once you get the basics it’s a piece of cake.

Basically, there are two kinds of false lashes:

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In order to apply the lashes you will need to prepare:

    • The false lashes
    • Adhesive glue

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    • Tweezers

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It is best to prepare everything in advance in an accessible place since you will need to concentrate on the application and not start looking for the tweezer or lashes when you are in the middle of the process.
Now that you have everything set, let’s learn how to apply the false lashes.

Here are the basic steps

  1.  I like to finish putting on all the eye makeup including mascara, and only then, add the lashes.
  2. If you have chosen a full strip of lashes– take the strip out carefully from the package and place the strip on the lid where you will want to stick it on. Now check if the strip is too long. If the strip is longer than your eyelid, use small scissors to shorten the strip by snipping off the inside lashes of the strip (the side where the lashes are shorter). Do this carefully and cut off just a few lashes at a time, this in order to prevent cutting off too much. Do the same on the other strip.
  3. Once you are sure the strips are the right length, catch the first strip with the tweezers and apply adhesive glue along the strip. Careful not to put too much glue so it won’t ooze onto the lashes and ruin them. Too much adhesive can actually make the strip not catch well on the lid and it may move around. Once you applied the glue, wave the tweezers with the strip in the air once or twice, and wait a few seconds before applying, that way the glue isn’t too wet and will catch better on the eyes.
  4. Ok, now if you are applying them on someone else, I like to put them on carefully using the tweezers, while my client has her eyes closed or half-closed. I press the lash strip in place and press down with the back of the tweezers or my fingers and Voila! The lashes or on.
    If you are applying them on yourself, tilt your head back and look down so your lid is exposed, and then carefully press the strip into place.
  5. I like to go over the eyeliner line once more because sometimes you can see a bit of glue so I make sure to paint over it with the eyeliner.
    Great eyeliners:

    And then apply a little more mascara just to blend the false and natural lashes together.
    Favorite Mascaras:

  6. If you have chosen individual lashes– the steps are pretty much the same. The main difference is that with individual lashes you can usually achieve a more natural look. I like to fill out the empty spaces between the natural lashes with individual lashes.
    In this case, the basic rule is to put the shorter lashes in the inner part of the eye and apply the lashes moving outwards with the longer ones. this gives a natural look since it blends in perfectly with the natural lashes, as opposed to the strip that covers the natural lashes and basically “sits” on the natural lashes.
    Another trick I like to use with individual lashes is using the double or trio lashes.
    Double lashes:

    Scala Fish Tail Design Curl 3D Individual Mink False Eyelashes
    Trio lashes:

    This makes the process of application faster and easier since you don’t have to apply one lash at a time.

  1. Removal: just remember when you want to remove the lashes do not pull them off. We don’t want you pulling off your natural lashes along with the false ones. Make sure to use an eye makeup remover, such as:


    Or even organic coconut oil will help break down the glue making it easy to remove the lashes:

    USDA Organic Coconut Oil with Vitamin E 

There is also the option of magnetic lashes, and I will dedicate another article to this subject since the steps are different.



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