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How to use eyeliner



When it comes to mastering makeup skills, it seems that learning how to use eyeliner is the biggest challenge to overcome.

Drawing the perfect line does indeed take practice, so to make things easier I gathered some great tips that will help you get started.

Will eyeliner look good on me

Eyeliner will not suit you if you have droopy eyelids or if your eye shape is pulled down. Accentuating these types of eye-shapes with eyeliner will only make the lids look heavier, and that is not the look we are going for.

In addition, figure out if your eyes are considered close together. the way to measure this is by measuring the length of one eye across, and check if the width between both your eyes is shorter or longer than your eye length. If shorter, your eyes are considered close to one another. If your eyes are indeed considered close to one another make sure not to draw the eyeliner across the whole lid but only on the outer 1/3 or maximum 2/3 of the eye. This will give an illusion of the eyes being farther apart.

There are 3 different kinds of liners:

Pencil liner

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Mechanical Eye Liner Pencil

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Mechanical Eye Liner Pencil

L'Oreal Paris Makeup Voluminous Smoldering Pencil Eyeliner

L’Oreal Paris Makeup Voluminous Smoldering Pencil Eyeliner

Gel liner



2 in 1 Black and Brown Gel Eyeliner Set

2 in 1 Black and Brown Gel Eyeliner Set

Liquid liner



Revlon ColorStay Liquid Liner Twin Pack

Revlon ColorStay Liquid Liner Twin Pack

You will also need an eyeliner brush

There are usually 3 brush shapes:

Angled brush

Round brush

Thin liner brush

Vertex Beauty Eyeliner Brush Set

Vertex Beauty Eyeliner Brush Set

Dogie Lyn 3 Pack - Eye Makeup Gel Eyeliner Brushes

Dogie Lyn 3 Pack – Eye Makeup Gel Eyeliner Brushes

How to choose the best eyeliner for me

If you are an eyeliner beginner, I strongly recommend that you start with the pencil liner or gel liner, since these are much easier to apply and draw on evenly. The only downfall of the pencil liner is that it tends to smudge and wear off faster than the others.

The gel and liquid liners usually stay put, especially if they are waterproof.

How to draw the eyeliner

Using pencil liner

tilt your head up a bit and look down at the mirror. That way you can see your lids better. Then slightly stretch the lid outwards. Start drawing a line slowly from the outside inwards, trying to make the line a bit thicker on the outside and gradually thinner as you progress inward.

One of the big advantages of the pencil, especially for beginners, is that even if the line is not drawn perfectly, the trick is to take an eyeliner brush and smudge the penciled line. This gives a smoky effect, and the unevenness is disguised.

Using gel liner

This liner usually comes in a little pot and you apply it with an eyeliner brush. Gel liner is my go-to liner because of how easy it is to apply to myself and on my clients. I also like that this is the most hygienic method because I can wash the brush between uses

The only downfall is that because the pot is exposed to air every time it is opened, the gel tends to dry quickly if you are not careful to close it immediately. there are special liquid solutions that moisten the gel in order to reuse the dried gel. Make sure to use a very small drop not to make the get too liquidy.

Inglot Cosmetics Duraline

Inglot Cosmetics Duraline

To apply take the brush of your choice and dip it in the gel. Make sure to wipe off excess product on the inside of the pot or on the back of your hand, so you will not put accidentally a big bulk of gel on the eyelid (That could get messy). Tilt your head back, stretch the lid gently and draw the line from the outward of the lid across moving inwards.

Using liquid liner

OK. This is definitely the hardest craft to master in all the makeup process. I cannot even count how many women have told me they do not wear liner because they just cannot seem to get it right. Well, my answer is always: practice makes perfect so try to practice as much as you can. It will get easier, and when the liquid liner is applied perfectly it is so beautiful. So, keep a steady hand and pull your lid gently, then swipe the liquid in a thin line on the lash line.

Overall, one of the most important tips when using all types of eyeliner is to draw the line practically over the lashes and even in between the lashes. That way you avoid having an empty gap between the drawn line and the lashes.

At what stage of putting on eye makeup does the eyeliner go on?

My recommendation for longer stay power of eye makeup in general (including eyeliner), is to apply first concealer on the eye area including on the lids.

Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer

Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer

Then apply an eye primer.

SmashBox Photo Finish Shadow Primer

SmashBox Photo Finish Shadow Primer

If you wish to apply eyeshadow, it should be applied over the primer.

 once you are done with the eyeshadows, now is the correct phase to draw the eyeliner.

The eyeliner can also be applied without eyeshadows, right on the primer.

Next, I will explain How to draw a winged liner and cat-eye (article coming soon).

Removal of the eye makeup

Make sure to use an eye makeup remover, such as:

USDA Organic Coconut Oil with Vitamin E 



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